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Looking to find a crossdresser? maybe an admirer? or another crossdressing playmate but not sure how to go about it or then read these tips on putting up a profile as trust me its not just a case of putting up a few photos and leaving it at that

one of the most posted questions within the blogs, chatrooms & forums is "why is no one contacting me?" and often its just a simple case that the member hasn't put any effort into their profile and other xdressing admirers or Cd's just look and think "no thanks" and move onto another profile

So how do post up a profile ad to get attention and find a crossdressing lover? well I'll try address some of these question with a few very simple tips that if followed will get guys & gals dropping you messages, flirts and generally doing their best to get into your knickers, hopefully nice french knickers, I just can't stand thongs Oops sorry running of into one their ;o)

find CD contacts, a lover or just a sexual playmate.

One of the biggest mistakes, although it can be put right afterwards and in most cases often is is racing ahead and getting a crossdressing profile placed onto the site as FAST AS THEY can why? I really don't know maybe people think they only have one just so lets do it now, but thats not the case so the BEST advice I can give anyone is "STOP" there is no rush!

3 tips to posting a great crossdressing profile online

"read these great tips on posting your free crossdressing profile ad"

  • Crossdressing members photos! - you know a members photo is the VERY first someone will see when searching for contacts & lovers, so consider this when posting photos for lovers & admirers. If you post blurred photos, naff camera phone pics or images that really don't show much then don't be surprised if you get a low amount of replies. But saying that posting naff pics is better than none and if your a little shy and don't want to show your face blank it out with some of the free editing tools you can get online
  • Profile headings! - this is the first thing someone will see, and will be displayed next to your photos so it's important to put a little thought into it and post something that will make someone think " hello,,,,,,, I want to read more" so as the bulk of lovers & admirers will first look at the photo, then your heading its important to put some effort into it.
  • And last but not least your description, what your looking for. I've seen it so any time where members post profiles up with just one or two lines of text and they really expect this to get someone attention! - you need to tell people about YOU what YOU expect from the contact and just a little background and this is 10x more important if you don't attached a photo!!

If you follow these simple instructions you won't have any problems in finding a crossdressing love, admirer or just someone to swap ideas & fashion tips with so sign up spend sometime reading what others have said and then put a little effort into your profile and you can be sure members will be falling over themselves to contacts YOU ........

Click on the link below and this will display ALL the crossdressers contacts ads we have and that will give you some idea of what members are saying although you won't be able to see photos least not until you are a member

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Cross dresser after fun times with cd/tvs , male, female and CD couples ( but male must be CD ) I'm a sub bisexual CD looking for love LOL OK not love least not here but I'm after Mistress / Master for some bdsm sex. I'm here and ready to serve and please anything my masters or mistress asks of me. I enjoy watersports, spanking, mild pain. Do as you please my body is yours all you need do is is ask you wont be disappointed!!
Gosport / Hampshire
Joined 08/01/07

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My name is Jane I'm a CDressers looking for married males / contacts as I love sex with married admirers that loves to dress & feel as feminine as possible and am very convincing as women, so much so I often go out. I adore wearing short tarty skirts, and all femme attire mind you what CD doesn't!. Have several wigs and change my hair dependant on my outfits, but more often than not I'm blonde. I'm looking for mature crossdressers and older admirers for 1 on 1 sex. I'm not into anything kinky just love sex and enjoy being treated like a women
Stratford-upon-Avon / Warwickshire
Joined 21/07/08

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Very experienced young at heart 58 year old CD thats looking for crossdresser or mature admirers in the Weymouth area. I'd love to hear from gals that would like to arrange a small party, not for sex, although if it happens it happens but to meet have a drink or three and swap outfits and chat,so anyone fancy setting up a Dorset Crossdressing socials?
Weymouth / Dorset

Joined 11/07/08

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