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Looking to meet with a crossdressing couple that want that special male to fuck with wife whilst the cuckolded crossdressers watches, well as a nationwide contacts website with a strong cuckolding following you won't have to look far to find the swingers / contacts

Whilst the cuckolding scene in the UK has become so internet savvy which I think has helped many couples get into this genre its also done the same for couples where the husband is a crossdresser, after all before swingers sites finding contacts was down to the local free ads which really was a painful experience add a sissy into cuckold personals and in most cases you never stood a chance of finding a contact

With swingers and contacts websites it really doesn't matter what type of cuckoldry personals contacts your looking for and if your sissy maid wants to enjoy cleaning the house whilst you get fucked, or maybe sexual service both yourself and your bull performing what every you tell him then trust me we have the crossdressing personals just for YOU

Being a cuckolded crossdresser tends to revolve around a few themes

  • Humiliation - this tends to revolve around the cuckolded husbands small cock, lack of being able to get it up
  • Domestic duties - these will include cleaning the house whilst dressed as a maid
  • Forced sexual services - making the maid do cuckold clean up in other word lick /eat cum from the used wife
  • Sexual Services on the bull - The wife will sit back and watch the crossdress husband having sex with the bull whilst the wife watches

These are just a few of the types of postings I've recently seen within the forums and members postings that couple with a crossdressing husband have posted and are looking to hear from males / bulls that would be happy to fuck a horny wife whilst the sissy watches

"But don't take my word for Join up"

Rather than taking my word for it why not join up and search for cuckold crossdressers and trust me you'll be more than pleasantly surprised both by the amount of couples looking for contacts but the males looking to meet with sissy couples

check out some random members photos that are looking for contacts

So want to join us and start having some fun? hopefully thats a yes and now you can do it for free as we offer free basic membership so you can join up and look around the members section, read profiles and even send messages to members and even post your own personals advert

YES all for free so click the banner and join us TODAY ............................

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I'm a hotwife thats looking for males to fuck me whilst my cuckold CD watches and he will be made to do anything we want as he's a submissive sissy maid the lives to serve me. I'm 37 slim and love bareback fucking only on the understand my sissy watches as I love to let him see guys cumming inside me. But he will then perform clean up / cum eating so you need to be happy about this and ideally would love to hear from a bisexual male so we can both have some fun with him
Portsmouth / Hampshire

Joined 21/02/09

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