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Looking for Crossdressers friends & sexual contacts!

Using Crossdressing contacts website is a great way to meet different variety of crossdressers and from different sexual genres, after all just because you joined a crossdressers contacts website once in the main section you'll be able to access swinging members as well from everywhere around the UK & interact with others & discuss fantasies plus indeed meet potential contacts & new partners.

Most CD's think of contacts & swinging as the ultimate form of contacts and for many the only genuinely way to make contacts and unfortunately this has happened because society classes them oddities & frown upon which is why so many Cd's keep this part of their lives to themselves and never come "out" other to their close circle of crossdressing swingers & friends.

"chat & have a great time, and hopefully MEET "

But one of things you'll soon notice about our crossdressing contacts website is we are NOT just about sex, although YES it plays a massive role, but we are about lots of other types of adult entertainment like chatrooms, blogging, forums & now even some free porn in for good measures, and many members will treat the site like a swinging club but for crossdressers and have online special evenings for newbie's and advice on dressing up and putting make up on

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so by using our crossdressing contacts website you'll be able to meet with others from anywhere in the world, talk over concerns and suggest ideas for other to do when crossdressing. After all what better place to get help advice from other crossdressers than a contacts website

Life is way too short to sit at home alone, so why not join a community thats got thousands of crossdressing contacts from just about every corner of the UK and indeed the rest of Europe, go on hit the join button and should you wish you can now even join for free, although you will have limited access...............................

Please note this contact website is for adults only - if you are under 18 please leave ................or else ;o)

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new to crossdressing looking for others to chat with and hopefully meet. I'm straight but enjoy the feeling of being dressed as a women and hopefully here I can meet with other straight males that enjoy dressing in women's clothing. Please note this is for companionship only as I'm not looking for a sexual relationship. Also as I'm an older crossdresser would prefer contacts from members 50+
Weymouth / Dorset
Joined 21/02/08

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