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We love it when our members send us their stories so here's one from Xdressing member Missy_Woo69 and if you like the story why not to us and we'll get it added the the website for other Xdressers to read!


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Dogging story Warwickshire / Coventry

I moved to Coventry last year - I thought at first it was a big mistake as my last home town had loads of tranny bars & even a disco. But I did some research via the chatrooms and forums on this site and decided to give dogging a go.

I had read up about a dogging site at Kingwalsey Lane so around 11pm I jumped in the car and drove down to Fillongley, I noticed a few cars parked up and hoped that as I was in my sexy black dress, stockings and suspenders someone was up to play with a horny dogging Xdresser so I parked up and found my way into the woods where I had been told the action is!

It didn't take long before an older guy came in as well and asked if I was up for some fun, which obviously I said yes! He came over to me and immediately put his hand up my skirt and nearly had a fit when he found my cock! I said "look hun I'm a Xdresser and if you want some sex I'll give you the best blowjob you've even had and no one will ever know, that's what you are here for!"

At first he seemed somewhat annoyed saying he wasn't gay or even bisexual but after we chatted and I told him I'd given loads of BlowJobs to straight guys he seemed to relax. I also told him that a lot of st8 guys have said I gave better head than their wives/ girlfriends, after all who better to suck cock than someone who has got one! LOL

"Check out these great movies"

So, I kneeled down and started to pull his trousers down but he said "no, just in case someone comes over" (don't he realise that's the fun of it!) but instead I just undid his zip, pulled out his already erect dick prooving that then he was ready for his first Xdressing BJ! I slowly sucked him but I could tell by the way he was moving around it wasn't going to take him long to cum (nerves at being caught or he was enjoying it that much?) so I just started sucking him harder and soon I got my prize of a huge mouthful of hot cum and I made sure I swallowed every drop cleaning him off as he pulled his dick from my mouth!

Breathing really heavily, he said that he doesn't normally cum that fast and he put it down to being nervous at having a bloke suck his cock but I still just say it is the fact I give a mean blowjob! I said that I would be back on Saturday night and that maybe we'd meet again as I said once he's experienced a Xdresser sucking his cock a women will never be as good ;-)

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Very convincing half Italian West Midlands Crossdresser looking for fun times and sex with guys, couples or other Xdressers. I love the feeling of silk panties and am never seen as Stefanie without makeup and heels so give the excuse to really go to town and dress up in my finest!
Rugby / Warwickshire
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Bi-Xdresser wants to be used by a new master, have all the dressing up clothes for whatever sort of slutty fun you want and also love spanking and being tied up so contact me to tell me how you're gonna abuse me
Nuneaton / Warwickshire
Joined 06/01/08

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