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its was the first time as a couple that we'd tried a threesome, after I'd come out to my wife some years ago although it really wasn't a shock to her as she'd already guessed as she'd found me stash of clothes & toys but never said anything to me! and telling her she just smiled and got me dressed and we fucked for the first time as me dressed as a women and the SEX was great

So the next step forward was to have a crossdressing threesome, with either an admirer or another crossdresser but as I was now completely "out" about my sexuality it had to be with someone that was bisexual as my wife wants to see me sucking cock although she didn't tell me she wanted to watch me getting fucked by another crossdresser!

Would you like to see members in Wiltshire? in that case check out some of these members photos from the South West & wiltshire some of these photos are from couples crossdressers contacts. Please note I have cropped them to hide ID's but as member you'll have full access to un cropped images. Also the photos posted on this page are NOT from Julie & Karen's profile

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Wife joins her husband for a threesome crossdressing sex / Trowbridge Couple

I was very nervous, my wife she seemed fine, but as tonight was going to be the first time she'd seen me with another crossdresser it was completely new water for me and TBH I was splashing around like mad!

I had a few meets with other guys from the crossdressing contacts site as my wife understood my need to meet with others but understanding about my needs and being directly involved was another thing and I really wasn't sure how things would work out, so whilst I was upstairs getting ready the drink was flowing to setting my nerves. I door went and in walked Julie in ( our crossdressing contact) although then she was still dressed as a man and Karen my wife sent her into the downstairs bedroom so he could get changed, coming back out about thirty minutes later as Julie!!!!

I walked back downstairs and Julie was already in the front room with my wife looking hot in stockings, french knickers and a little maids outfit & I had this sort dress on but a sexy black thong as I love the feeling wearing them, my wife soon broke the ice with a comment regarding that she felt over dressed and standing up took her dress off and had fishnets and a new basque on that I'd not seen before and she looked more than fuckable, but it was getting into Julie's knickers and his hard cock I wanted

So walking over to Julie I kissed him on his lips slow at first as I was still unsure about my wife, then full on when I felt her hands on my arse and playing with the bum and moving her hand onto my rock hard cock, then moving down I pulled Julies french knickers off and getting his cock sucked on him like I'd never had a crossdressing cock before! but the difference being this time my wife was present and by the looks of things getting involve as she was now kissing julie so I carried on sucking julies cock

"Check out these great movies"

It didn't take long before julie was offering me want I wanted as I got a little taste of his pre cum just before taking back a full load into my mouth and like any good little CD swallowed it back, and looking round saw that my wife was now sitting back on the chair fingering herself and watching EVERYTHING.

Turning round I moved over to her and started to lick her clit and with the taste of Julie still on my tong mixed with my wife's the sensation was incredible and I was only glad at that time no one was playing with my tranny cock as I would have cum on the spot, Karen then pushed me back onto the floor and seeing that julie was now hard told him to fuck me as she'd always wanted to watch another crossdresser fucking her husband so bending over Julie came up behind my and first lude his cock up before pushing it deep into me!!

As Julie was fucking me Karen was now wanking me off and moving her head under me then started to suck my cock, this was really all a simple little crossdresser could handle, what with my wife sucking my cock and my crossdressing girl friend fucking my arse I soon came around the same time that Julie came into me and pulling his cock out of my arse Karen then liked his cock and sucked my the cum off

We all sat back and looking towards us my wife asked " right now my turn to get fucked" the evening then went on for another 2 hours with us all getting fucked!, sucked and licked. We have now arranged another date

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I am a mature crossdresser that loves to be feminine treated as a women. I adore giving 'O' simply love to receive 'A' and would love to hear from a couple or group for threeway fun. I also mind BDSM but nothing too heavy going. I live on my own in Devizes so can either accommodate or travel. I have loads of outfits and can dress as either a sexy schoolgirl, nurse, tart or sissy maid
Devizes / Wiltshire
Joined 15/11/07

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am a 51 y/o undie wearer cd & but I'm looking to further explore more of my CD lifestyle with either others or threesome couples. I love wearing stockings, suspenders, short skirts, heels and anything else I can get my hands on. Ii love having my cock sucked & wanked when dressed and have even tried some of the dogging locations around Wiltshire but I've not had great success in that as I'm too nervous to approach doggers. i have got my own house so can accommodate once I get to know you - would love to hear from cd admirers / crossdressing couples or single CDs and if your a little inexperienced I can help as I've been into this lifestyle for sometime. Drop me a note if you need to chat
Corsham / Wiltshire
Joined 16/07/08

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Middle aged CD that only just moved to Swindon and looking for new friends. I'm happy to meet for just a drink and swap outfits, watch porn or get sexy with other CD's or couples. I'm into latex, stockings & silk and not convincing as a women but I love trying. I'm a rep on the road and travel all around the UK so please contact me and maybe we can meet at a hotel as you can't beat sex in a hotel room their just something a little bit more kinky about it
Melksham / Wilts
Joined 11/02/08

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