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its has to be ever crossdressers nightmare, well that's if your a married CD that is for your wife to find you OUT!! - yep its enough to send many into into shocks of fear but for Dorset Crossdressing "karen" sounds like everything has worked out better than he could ever hopped for. This story just goes to confirm that if you try to hide something from your wives eventually you will get caught out...........after all they didn't make the TV show miss marples for no reason, wife's find EVERYTHING OUT

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Wife catches Xdressing Husband Dorset / Wimborne Minster

it all started about 12 months ago when one night my worst nightmare came true when my wife found out that I was into crossdressing and had been using the internet while she was out for chatting with other married crossdressers using a chatroom I'd found and needless to say check out some hot clothes as well

it was one night when I was watching the TV and she called me upstairs as she'd found some photos of me wearing women knickers, well in fact HER's !!!!and also some wearing sissy maids outfit and to say she wasn't impressed would be the understatement of the year! but I convince her it was just a bit of a laugh and a one off which she seemed at first to except, well least that's what I thought.

I normally play (crossdress) on Saturday nights as she normally goes out with her mates hitting the local bars & clubs so know she won't be home till very late, so after sorting some bit around the house and having something to eat I started by opening a bottle of wine, then going upstairs to dig out my outfits, but on opening the cupboard where I hide my outfits found a bag! and attached to that a message from my wife.

"Hi John, or should I call you Suzzie!!! so your dressing up as a women was a joke and a one off ummmm!!!, in that case why do you have a bag full of clothing which BTW is pretty awful !!!. Well I've been to the clothes shop and got you a sexy mini skirt & rather than my knickers I've got you some for you to use. When I return you'll be meeting something else, I'll give you a clue, its BLACK and straps onto me !! and you'll probably need some KY which I hope you have

P.S get ready you've got someone coming to see you in 60 minutes as I've also read your messages and know what your ultimate fantasy are and he's going to be round soon""

I went into the bathroom got showered and shaved my legs, balls & arse and whilst it was clear my wife was going to use a strap on me I really didn't know who was coming round so getting ready quickly as I only had 1 hour

I'd just managed to do it when the door went and bearing in mind my wife told me someone was going to come round walked downstairs but had a dressing gown on, opening the door stood mark! - are you Suzzie!! with his I froze on the spot and with that he walked in taking my hand and walking into the front room.

"Check out these great movies"

Then he told me that he was a rent boy and was here so I could suck on my first cock but before hand needed to drop that dressing gown, dropping it to the floor he walked up to me and putting his hand under my skirt felt my erect cock and smiled pushing me down onto the floor and pulling his trousers down

With that he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to fuck me ! it was really odd having a real dick in my mouth as I'd sucked on dildos before just thinking what it would be like and know I was having a real one. I could feel my cock pushing against my silk knickers and sucking him hard it didn't take long before he shot his load into my mouth, which at first made me gag, but then was able to swallow some of it

Standing back up Mark put his hand under my skirt and felt all the cum around my knickers and looking at me smiled and walked out

I then sat back and waited for my wife to return to continue my crossdressing training and hopefully fuck me, watch this space, as I'm off for a wank as this little crossdresser needs some relief

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I'm a REAL TART & love to dress fully inc wig ,boots & anything tarty. I'm a mature xdresser so looking for mature contacts either other cd/TV or Str8 guys that enjoy being with CD's. I'm free most weekends and can accom or visit I really don't mind. I love both O & A but giving O is my favourite as I love a fat cock in my mouth.I'm looking for dominate sexual partners as I'm more submissive. My wife knows and is OK about it but I only play when she not around and I'm NOT looking for threesomes. If your looking for a totally slutty tart I'm your gal!!
Weymouth / Dorset
Joined 25/10/07

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Sherborne very horny crossdresser looking for sexy playtimes with very naughty bad males who just want to fuck me silly. I love to dress for my fuck friends and you'll see me in sexy stockings suspenders, french knickers & NOTHING else as mt body is for YOU to use anyway you like. I also have very large cock that loves to fuck and satisfy you. I also love to suck clit and if you want a 3some contact me
Sherborne / Dorset
Joined 06/09/07

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just moved to Bournemouth sissy maid looking for masters, I'm a lifelong submissive CD and cross dresser and I'm seeking a dominant male or woman to continue my training i was born to be slut just need further training.
Bournemouth / Dorset
Joined 16/05/08

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