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Taxi Driver fuck's Xdresser - real life story!

Ilfracombe has horny taxi drivers that love to fuck Devon Crossdresser FACT!!! well lets put it this way that was the case for me........ Let me first say I'm crap at typing out stories but after reading some of the stories and seeing that no one from Devon had submitted a Crossdressing story thought I'd better doing something about it

Lets me first say this isn't anywhere near as long as the other stories, but it happened last week and hopefully I'll get another ride with my horny taxi driver soon ;o)

Just to give you some idea I've posted some Devon Xdressers photos below and a direct link into the members section just to show you how many contacts we have in Devon. Please note the photos are nothing to do with this story as the members asked not to have his pic posted here

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Taxi driver fucks a crossdresser / Ilfracombe Story

OK like I said this is a true story and happen last week, onest ;o)

I'm quiet a confidant crossdresser and can go outside without any worry of being caught out or having people look at me, but more often or not my outings are at night when I'm off to see girlfriends

This one night i'd been at a friends house in Ilfracombe town and its was about 11 so contacted a taxi and the guy turned up 20 minutes later, after saying bye to everyone got into the car and sat in the front

The taxi driver was pretty sexy, looked around 26 slim and more than fuckable YUM YUM and on the way home got chatting and I could tell the way he was talking to me that he knew I was a crossdresser, but that didn't seem to bother him so we chatted away

Then to my surprise he changed gear and his hand slipped onto my leg!!! at first I really jumped but then after it happened a few more time I opened my legs a little and moving my leg closer to the centre of the car gave him access to between my legs if he wanted it

It didn't take long before his hand slipped between my thighs and moving his hand up found my knickers that now had a bulging erect cock, and from looking at the bulge in his trousers he was more than turned on as well

we starter chatting about sex and asked if i did oral and anal and told him why yes, mind you I think the fact I'd had something to drink my dutch courage was helping a lot and with that moved my head over and opened his zip and getting his cock out started sucking him off whilst he was driving, this went on for a few miles until he pulled into this car park

"Check out these great movies"

Let me carry on sucking him, he asked if I wanted a fuck so opening the door I got out and looking around it was pretty dark ,so pulled down my knickers as I didn't want to get cum stains on my new knickers and bending over the bonnet he walked up behind me and pulling my cheeks apart slipped his cock into my love hole

He start fucking me hard straight away and at first it was a little tite as he was a big guy but my juices soon started flowing and I was then enjoying a great fuck over his car bonnet, it didn't take him long before he came and leaving his dick inside me I could fill every drop of cum squeeze into my arse, pulling out I turned around and sucked his dick clean making sure I got every last drop of cum

He then drove me home and told me there was no charge and drove off with a smile on his face

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hi I'm a 40 something horny admirer looking for local sexy gals for NSA fun!- I'm slim and love fuck xdressers. I'm not into anything kinky like bdsm or ws just love good old sex so drop me a line and lets meet up
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