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In the world of crossdresser cuckold streaming theirs really only one studio that offers what I'd like to class as pure quality cuckoldry least thats cuckold porn with crossdressers and transvestites in mind and thats amateur studio Babs Video productions

If your not familiar with the name Babs and you love the cuckold scene and even more so if a crossdressing husband then trust me this studio you WILL grow to love and enjoy seeing what she gets up to with her submissive cuckboy husband although to call this submissive husband a man is a real stretch of the imagination

Babs video productions have been producing amateur cuckold porn for some years with most if not all of the models contacting them directly and asking to appear in a video needless to say after signing a disclaimer that these videos will be sold and watched on various streaming porn websites

Crossdresser wanting to be a Babs slut !

so if your looking for REAL home grown amateur cuckold crossdressing porn then you won't get much better than Babs Videos and whilst this video is currently the only one available their are other videos that are going to be realised soon, so for the full range of videos check out the list below and enjoy reading the review on this cuckold CD video

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  • Big Cock Tgirl ( Stream )
    We got this email from a crossdresser that wanted to try a bit of cuckoldry little did she really know what she was letting herself in for when meeting with Babs for the first time!

    Aly is a very long legged crossdresser and she admits total slut thats wants to join Babs little stable of sluts to be used as she feels either with herself or her cuckold husbands but before she gets the pleasure to trying her cuckboy out babs gets first go, just to make sure this crossdressing slut meets her high standards

    The action starts in a hotel and its not long before Babs is under her skirt and checking out the cock on this cross dresser and from the sounds she making shes more than impressed and after taking her cock and looking at her long legs and ass along with a VWE 9" cock its not long she tells her cuckolded hubby to join in and enjoy using that very tight ass

    Whilst her husband is enjoying fucking the crossdresser ass our cuckquean babs has other ideas and its not long before the lube comes out and she starts to lube up her submissive husbands ass so the crossdresser can fuck him whilst she watches

    What starts out with babs enjoying some crossdress cock sucking ends with and all out threeway fuck feast with everyone getting well fucked and shows that when you get a crossdresser into your cuckold lifestyle ANYTHING can and will happen

The video listed here is just one of Babs great cuckold movies, others are listed below that all offer video on demand streaming for instant access to great value porn

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