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its a fact we have more crossdresser personals ads within West Midlands than any other region within the UK and to give you some idea just whats on offer I've posted this page and a direct link so you can view tranny ad within the West Mids directly from here

Quiet why the West Midlands has so many crossdress members is something thats beyond me, maybe its due to the amount of TV,TS & CD clubs but either way when it comes to meeting up with members you really need not look any further.

So the question is are you looking for sex, friendship, bdsm, dressing nights in after an admirer to spend romantic nights in sipping wine and spending quality time with ..........or maybe just have a great FUCK would be the best type of West Midlands contact

West Mids crossdress ads / photos !!!

OK anyone want to see whats on offer? check out sample adverts below along with some members random photos and for FULL and better still FREE access to all West Midlands Personals adverts use the link on the bottom of the page

  • For Details click here - ( Birmingham)
    hi all thanks for taking 5 to read my little personals ad. I'm a mature crossdress married male thats looking for fun meets around the W.Mids with similar aged contacts. I'm not overly convincing as a women but what I don't make up for in looks do make with enthusiasm. Due to being married I can't play at home and do have plan meets around my wife working shifts so please drop me a line and we can chat some more and i'll then send photos on
  • For Details click here - ( Warwickshire )
    Hi, as you may have already guessed from looking at my photos Im a male that LOVES to Xdress and have very KINKY sex. I'm now in my late 50s so within the 'mature' group now although I don't act or look my age. Im bisexual crossdresser and happy to meet with either other West Midlands tranny members, wives, couples in fact anyone so long as you want to have fun, I guess you could call me a CD slut and I'd agree LOL.
  • For Details click here - ( Leicestershire )
    I'm a fetish crossdress male with a kink towards rubber, PVC & heavy rubber or which I have a few outfits that I NEVER share ( sorry girls some thing in life you don't share, men YES, women YES , other crossdresser contacts YES YES but my latex outfits NEVER). When meeting I prefer to be sub/bottom with dominant contacts and with the right contact can be extremely submissive and will follow every command. I can generally meet weekday night and accommodate during that time.
  • For Details click here - ( Staffordshire )
    I'm a new CD thats looking for sexy meets and help with dressing. I'm 25 and only really been dressing for a few years after I started wearing my girlfriends knickers and found I loved the feeling of the materiel next to my skin. I've now started wearing stockings,suspender belts,slips,etc.and I'm keen to try out girdles,corsets, bras,etc.but would love to find someone that can help me during my transformation into "karen" - in return I'll offer you the best BJ you've ever had and maybe you can take my crossdress virginity away.  

Please note this is adult contacts website for crossdressers & admirers with details above for West Midlands contacts - Should you be under 18 please leave as you won't be able to join

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