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the very idea of having a Birmingham crossdress slave is more than enough to get my blood pumping and this member sent this " real life " story in and all I can say is WOW ... I love the idea of just meeting a tranny in a loo and fucking her like this and know I'll be updating my profile to look for West Midlands cottaging tranny contacts! as I'm heading that way shortly

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My master ordered me to meet him on the corner of the road and be dressed ready to fuck! Whilst I’d been outside before dressed it was something I wasn’t comfortable with but knew it was more than my life or at least bum was worth to refuse his orders

Thankfully it was a warm night and DARK! So I didn’t feel too much at threat going outside being fully dressed and being so late again, hopefully no one would be out, well other than my master

Standing on the corner I was wearing a little black mini, stockings and full length thigh boots and looked good enough to fuck (hopefully) and did have that sluttish look and to many would have assumed I was a Birmingham Escort working, not some horny tranny waiting around for her master.

The car pulled up and my owner got out pushing me into the back seat and knew then I was going to be in for a treat, we drove to the local carpark that I knew was renown for Birmingham crossdressers and a hot gay cottaging location that thankfully the doggers hadn’t spoilt.

He pulled in and odered me to get out and walk around so he could watch me and knew that others would be seeing me walking around almost toting for business, although had someone walked over and asked my rates I think I would have wet my knickers.

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I’d been walking for a few minutes when a car drove in the car park, the guy walked straight into the public toilet and my master got out of the car took my arm and walked me towards the loo. He directed my towards the cubicle and the door was open and a guy was sat there with pants down and a limp looking cock

My master then ordered me onto the floor and crawling forward sucked his cock in my mouth running my tongue up and down as I sucked him making his cock hard, my master had by now pulled my dress up and pulled my knickers to one side and was finger fucking my tranny ass pushing fingers deep inside me

As I was sucking his cock I eased a little as I didn’t want his come yet and moving my head back my master removed his fingers from my ass and standing up the guy positioned me and from behind felt his hand slip under my dress and pull my knickers to one side and pulling my arse cheeks aside felt his cock pressing on the bum

His cock was a little limp and worried I’d made him cum I pushed back towards him telling him in my own little way to fuck my arse and that was all he needed as his cock slipped inside and then he started fucking me in the toilet. As his cock grew inside me he stretched me further open pushing deeper and deeper inside until finally he stopped and slowly pulled out, then to thrust deep inside again

I was now ready to take him and push back onto him and looking over I could see my master was watching me and keeping an eye open on the toilet entrance to make sure no one else came in or the West midlands dogging police

I needed him so much and was now getting well fucked but knew also this wasn’t going to last as I nearly made him cum by just sucking him so fucking him !! It only took another few minutes and he came deep inside my tranny ass and he pulled out zipped up and walked out so quickly that I knew this was the first time he’d fucked a tranny in a toilet or maybe I was his first

As I adjust myself cum was still running down my legs and dripping from my arse and looking towards my master he lead me back to the car

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