Wife catches husband wanking in knickers Yorkshire Ads!

Real life story after wife catches hubby in women's knickers!

Question - if your wife caught you wanking off wearing her knickers what do you think the end result would be? well from reading this Sheffield Crossdress husband story this husband was just about to find out

For most if not all Yorkshire Crossdressers the idea of your partner / wife finding out that you enjoy dressing as a women has to be the worst nightmare and personally speaking if my wife every found out about my little secrete.........well its not something I'd want to consider

Certainly the outcome of this Yorkshire Crossdress couldn't have gone better after all what started out with a husband wanking off into his wife's knickers end up with a horny threesome that by the looks of things will be repeated again

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Bradford married couple tell us about crossdress threeway Story

We’d spent the last week decorating a spare room as my wife was going to have a friend staying over and as the room hadn't’t been touched for years was forced into decorating it

I’d got the room sorted and my wife was out shopping so took this a good chance to raid her knickers draws and take this time to have a wank in her underwear as I love wanking off especially in her used knickers.

I got down onto the floor and whilst wearing her knickers I was wanking off and was just about to shoot my load when I moved my hand forward and my hand caught it, stopping the sticky liquid running over onto her pink knickers.

Looking at all the cum caught in my hand I moved my fist to my lips and licked it all off and clean thinking to myself it was a cock that I was sharing with my wife whilst I was wearing more clothing as I was finding the idea of dressing becoming more of a turn on,  then opened my eyes and to my embarrassment my wife was standing over me!!!

I was always pretty sure that my wife knew I was bi curious but wearing her knickers kinda gave away that I was also more than interested in crossdressing, but I had never been explicit regarding that.

I apologized but she was amused to have caught me out and exposed my secrete and now wanted to see me with another guy and more so dressed. The next night I got properly dressed and we hit a local tranny bar in Bradford and picked up a admirer who assured her he was up for some sexy fun.

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I was wearing a short blue dress with black thong and a tight black basque and have to say looked pretty hot ( I’ve posted some photos in my Bradford crossdress profile showing you what I looked like) I also had pair of thigh boots and to say the least I was hot !!

My wife cam back into the room with drinks and looking towards me wanted to know why I wasn’t sucking his hard cock already and if I wasn’t going to do it she was and with that I knelt in front of him and undid his trousers, pulled his cock out and starting sucking him off

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what can I say I'm an admirer based in Leeds thats looking to meet with local gals. I'm 45 slim and I think not a bad catch LOL. I've attached some pics so check those out then drop me a line. I'm only looking for local meets around Leeds / Yorkshire but looking at the members for leeds hopefully one of the horny crossdress members will want to spend some time with me. I can't accom but happy to sort a room in a hotel in the city
Leeds / Yorkshire
Joined 10/06/09

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Young, over sexed & looking to meet with older males for training and abuse. I'm not looking to meet with other yorkshire crossdressers but would love to hear from a dominant male that wants a young CD to mould into his needs
Rotherham / Yorkshire
Joined 16/09/08

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I'm a crossdressing sissy thats looking to meet with others. I realise I'll have to travel to meet with other sissy maids so drop me a line and lets see what we can sort out. I'm looking to meet for dressing up party nights & oral sex only
Sheffield / Yorkshire
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