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Its a fact we love to meet and play outside and "surprise" in the UK we have more Crossdressing dogging than anywhere else within the UK, which when you consider the crap weather we have really some what surprising, which goes to show that us transvestite dogger's are just made of hard stuff! the hard being the cock inside of pink knickers LOL

But as a crossdresser finding safe place to "walk the old dog" is always something I had to consider after all whilst we can always hit the local dogging locations or cottaging toilets finding a place thats a little more private and certainly away from the police and "some" idiot members of the public was always on my mind

"Welcome Crossdressers to the dogging Forum"

Forums offer a great way for members to fully interact with others and that includes asking questions and getting advice and no more is that the case than within the dogging forum. Here members can find just about everything you'll ever want to know about crossdress outdoor sex events and the best dogging locations

Since adding the forums section its become one of the most used features within the members section and this fully interactive feature is always being updated by members contributing information such as locations, places to avoid, and arranging meets with other dogger's or crossdressers that enjoy outdoor sex.

recent transvestite dogger's photos loads more inside the members section

The forum section we have is categorised into various different dogging sections and regions around the Uk ( we also have European dogging information split down by county) meaning finding the information you want fast and easy. Should you have a question about dogging in certain area by posting a question you can be sure to get a fast response or if your looking for a location just browse over the different postings along with reading comments made by other Crossdressers or admirers.

"Reading admirers & crossdress forum postings"

Whilst on the subject of reading members dogging postings, this is a great way to pre arrange with members that like to dog, after all lets say you live in Hampshire and you want to find a posting from a tranny admirer based in portsmouth thats local to you, all you need do is send him a message asking if he wants to meet up " simples" ( yes I love the Meerkat advert)

So if you want to find the best in dogging locations and meet up with other crossdressers or admirers then join us today and start having some fun ...........AND as basic membership is free it won't cost you a penny to join and read our members dogging forum postings

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